Why do IELTS online course with us?

  • TRAIN for IELTS from home, at your own pace!! 
  • GET the band score you need in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, with the help of our experienced teachers! 
  • IMPROVE your speaking with our experienced tutors that are always ready to assist you, giving you extra practice if needed. 

Course details:

  1. Practice Grammar, Reading and Listening skills with an online Platform.
  2. Improve your Speaking in weekly VIDEOCONFERENCEs with your tutors.
  3. Enhance your Writing with practice that is assessed by our experienced tutors.



and, in two months, you will be able 

to succeed in IELTS!!

To REGISTER, contact 
sandragastaldi@gmail.com - eponlinecourses@gmail.com
351-3893680 (WApp)

We will send you a FREE of CHARGE Placement Test to see your level of English and guide you accordingly.

After registering, you can PAY for the course ($4000 or u$d 250) by clicking on the Pagar button.