Our IELTS online students' comments

Antonella Giordano <antog10@hotmail.com>
  • MA Peace Culture, Conflicts, Human Rights and Education student at University of Granada, Spain
  • Adscript on Research Group “Energetic Integration and Climate Change in the EU and MERCOSUR”. March 2015 – today.
  • Member of the Working Group of the Observatory of Foreign Policy of Argentina. March 2015 – today.                                                                                                                  

I  enrolled in your IELTS course in 2014 at Academia Argüello to train for IELTS. I moved to the Netherlands afterwards, so I took IELTS on the 28th May at Eindhoven as a part of Amsterdam British Council and I got an overall band score of 7.5. I am so thrilled and happy, you can't imagine. First of all because I did the 2 books that you gave me and that was perfect, and because now I just speak Eenglish as I speak Spanish. I need it for my practices and junior jobs during my MA in Spain, which I start in October 2016, so I will be moving again. English Programmes courses are excellent!

María de los Ángeles Beltramino 

Let me tell you about my experience with the online course to take the IELTS provided by English Programmes. The story started last summer when I was in Australia traveling with my friends for summer holidays, when I was flying back home I realized that I didn't wanna go back to Argentina and that I want to live the experience of living abroad. So I came back with the decision to do whatever it takes to apply for a visa to go back to Australia, one of the things I had to to was to take the IELTS exam, so I started to look at all the possibilities to prepare myself for that, while I was googling I saw the Online course that EP has, and did the online test where I had to answer some questions to check if I was able to take the course. Just a few days later Silvina, who became my online teacher :) , answered me back telling me that I could take the course. I signed up and prepared by doing all the exercises that were assigned, that were very dynamic and entertaining and easy to understand. And also I had Speaking practices all weeks so I could practice my English talking about very different topics, and also training myself for the exam.

I totally recommend taking this course to get the specific training to take the IELTS because even though I have studied English for ten years, I wasn't familiar with the kind of exercises that the exam requests and also this course will help you do the exam in the perfect timing. 

Pablo Biscayart (pbiscayart@yahoo.com)

My experience with this course was highly positive. I found it very helpful and clear on how to practice for the IELTS exam, and my teachers, Sandra and Silvina, were not only very friendly, but also very helpful and very clear during the speaking practices. The online explanations and exercises were very focused on what is needed for the exam too. I took note of their corrections and got a 7.5 overall score! I would seriously recommend the course for everyone interested in getting a high score in IELTS.

Noemí Camisassa (noemicamisassa@gmail.com)
I took a few classes on the IELTS online course to improve my pronunciation, which was very poor at that moment. It helped me a lot to have a teacher to correct my mistakes as soon as I made them and point some general rules of pronunciation that nobody had taught me before. I also enjoyed the extra resources and tips that were provided!

Lucas Bustos (lucasbustos@gmail.com) Telecommunications Engineer at Cablevisión.
English Programmes really helps you succeed in the IELTS. The teachers prepare you for all the four tasks, Speaking, Reading, Listening, and Writing. Also, in the first steps of the training, you have a lot of practice on grammar and vocabulary. One of the best things of this online course is that you can do it whenever you can and wherever you are. It suited me very well because I travel a lot for work. The web pages are very didactic and dynamic. In some of the exercises in the page, you have to write an essay within a time limit, and the audios have different accents, just like the real IELTS test. Furthermore, you have speaking practice once a week in a virtual classroom with the teacher and other classmates. It's excellent!!

Claudio Sebastian Delgado (claudio.s.delgado@gmail.com) Cyber Security Analyst at Chevron.

I would like to highlight these aspects of the IELTS online course I did with English Programmes

- The teachers' experience about IELTS: it is key to get better scores

- The online platform: it provides a great support

- The teachers' patience, dedication, engagement with students

- The online service: I attended the classes from home, extra points here!