First Certificate courses

If you trained for FCE in the past,
 but never decided to sit for it... 
THIS is your chance to do so!!

First Certificate course, starting March  10!!

NEW! First Certificate Crash Course: 
  • Inicia: 10 de marzo
  • Examen: in July
  • Sede: Argüello, Av Núñez 5675
  • Horario: sábados, de 10:00 a 13:00 hs
  • Costo: dos cuotas de $ 3500 (no incluye costo del examen ni material didáctico)

FCE Online course. See info here.

Study online from home, at your own pace, 24/7 and get the best mark at Cambridge First Certificate!! -

351-3893680 (WApp) 

(Candidates will have to do a placement test to acknowledge their higher-intermediate level, which we will send through e-mail)